Geekout # 53 : Red Dwarf 11

Without a doubt, one of the most endearing comedy sci-fi shows is getting a new season. Red Dwarf will begin filming later this year for

April 12, 2014 Geekout Podcast, Latest News

tektalk5 # 81 : Facebook and The Oculus Rift

What is it about a smug twenty something hoodie wearing CEO worth about fourteen billion dollars that makes us all feel how woefully inadequate our

March 29, 2014 Latest News, tektalk5 Podcast

tektalk5 # 80 : The Future of Multiplayer Gaming

So with a crippling inevitability, I have to admit that the first few videos showing actual people playing Titanfall  looks awesome. I was, admittedly, distraught

March 15, 2014 Latest News, tektalk5 Podcast

Game Over : Metro 2033

The whiz that is boywiluk does it again with an excellent walkthrough of one section of the excellent game , Metro 33. Check it out

March 07, 2014 Game Over, Geek Stuff

Geekout # 51 : Guardians of the Galaxy

Many people have been waiting patiently and nervously for the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer to arrive. Mostly, I think to tear it apart. The

February 22, 2014 Geekout Podcast, Latest News

tektalk5 # 78 : Windows 8.1 Update 1

Well it had to happen eventually. The operating system that you treat like an old girlfriend who just keeps on hanging around and so you

January 25, 2014 Latest News, tektalk5 Podcast
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