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Remakes are an institution in the world of film. An inexorable inevitability much like old age, mortgages, and an annoying co-worker. Cinema bends it knee to acknowledge the fact that a movie was so good for a particular generation, that every so often, it need to present a fresh, and squeaky clean iteration to an audience that has progressively become so desensitized to the charm of old movies , that they class a film as bad if it does not have the obligatory intimate screen followed by the kind of gore fest that would make George A. Romero blush.

It is of no surprise that Hollywood have announced a series of remakes in the tubes from “Superman”, “The Amazing Spiderman” to more recently “Robocop” and “Total Recall”.

What I believe , Hollywood clings to is the captive audience syndrome. The belief that there are those out there who remember the original and would now like to see it again in its big budget, CGI laden, vacuous glory. Technology has come a long way in cinema , and as such allows movie makers to tackle stories that decades ago would have been hard to film. But when you consider the fact that “The Mummy” is being considered for a remake when the remake of the original was only released in 1999 then you have to wonder what the hell?

Are the movie execs sitting in their office, like some bloated Jabba the Hut thinking of new ways of convincing the naïve public to step closer, as it inches its fingers towards the button that will send us into the pit to be consumed by the rancor of blind consumerism.  Or are we keenly aware of the fact that it’s just an updated version of what is a good story so that the current generation can enjoy what others had.

Coppola’s “Dracula”, “the magnificent Seven” and even “Cape Fear” represent the best of what a remake can provide. “The Amazing Spiderman”, and “Robocop” are yet to prove their worth.

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