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Tech For Everyone – PC Power

In this video we examine the role of a power supply, identify some of the supply connectors and explain the significance of how important it

August 11, 2012 e-training, Videos

CPU Sockets

In this video we examine the two main form factors when it comes to CPU sockets on a motherboard. How to we ensure we can

August 11, 2012 e-training, Videos

Cabling technologies

With wireless technologies so popular you would think that using cables was old school. Yet this technology still remains popular. We examine, briefly the different

August 10, 2012 e-training, Videos

PC Cooling

Why do we need to keep a PC cool?, what do we use to attach cooling devices to chips?What is the difference between active and

June 09, 2012 Videos

Storage Devices

  Learn about the differences between HDD’s and SDD’s, as well as PATA and SATA drive controllers.  

May 26, 2012 Videos

Memory Calculations

  Lets find out what is RAM, how its different from ROM, and how to work out the total bandwidth of different types of RAM

May 12, 2012 Videos


  Lets take a quick look at some of the more important components you can expect to find on a motherboard. Its all a really big circuit

April 28, 2012 e-training, Videos

Input/Output Ports

  Input / Output ports are everywhere to be found on personal computers . Lets make sure we know what they are and what we

April 21, 2012 Videos

Tech For Everyone – USB technologies

  If you are preparing for the Comptia A+, or just interested in learning more about your PC, follow our “Tech for Everyone” video series.

March 04, 2012 Videos
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