play audio Star Trek   The Five Captains Arrive ! in London

Fans of Trekdom are no doubt rejoicing over the fact that for the first time, all five star trek captains will be visiting London. It is heart-warming to know that on one stage, we will see all versions of Captains of the beloved sci fi drama, which has captured the imagination of its followers since the late sixties up to todays fast paced, explosion riddled reboot.

Many an essay has asked the question, what it is about this show that makes it so special. Surely not the incomprehensible way in which William Shatner played Kirk!; yes he did speak as if he was constantly constipated.
I think we all hearken back to a time when life was so simple; when at about seven thirty on a Monday , after the news report, or was it nationwide, we could expect to see Kirk, Scotty, and the rest of the crew escape an incomprehensibly difficult situation by using something as simple as dilithium crystals.

JJ Abrahams seems to have captured some of that spirit in his 2009 reboot as we saw the original Kirk in a different timeline with new challenges. We seemed, however, to be alarmed at the fact that Uhura was feisty, Spock had a girlfriend and Scotty was already going bald. Overlooking all of that we were more than happy with Abrahams interpretation of what I like to call the “Spirit of Star Trek”.

With the tantalizing possibility of a new Star trek TV show, we can be sure that Trekking will continue “To Infinity and beyond…no wait, that’s Buzz Lightyear”.

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