With the irrefutable claim that Avengers did more than everyone expected , is it any surprise that a movie about good vanquishing evil, would succeed in  the boiling, double dipped recession and  politically scalding cauldron of a society we have today? 

I am reminded of the summer of 1977 when a little known movie called “Star Wars” was released. Yes it was spectacular for all the reasons stated in just about every article that has picked apart George Lucas’ mind as if it were some rotting brain.

The success of “ a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” was also based on the mood of the time. The depressing cynicism in America in the aftermath of Watergate.  The tail end of an unpopular war  The petrol wars and general economic situation, all came together as some kind of socio-political perfect storm that made us all deeply unhappy, and wishing to escape the depressing reality for about two hours.

Well history has a tendency to repeat itself. No-one would argure the fact that the summer movies have more kerosene induced explosions in them than actual story…but that isn’t important.  What is, the essential issue here is the fact that it is fun. Yes , good old fun, the kind that makes us all happy. The equivalent of the toddler climbing into the packing box and pretending it’s a pirate ship, the discovery of that £5 pound note you thought you lost, but was in fact, stuffed into that tiny pocket on your jeans that you’ve  never been able to figure out what it’s there for; and the unbridled joy  of   switching off the TV when anything about the Kardashians is on.

We all, every so often need to escape our reality to enjoy something else. Some do it with alcohol, but most do it by going to the movies to be entertained. So to “Avengers Assemble”, “Battleship” , “Men in Black 3” and all the other movies set to feed our depression, I say thank you.

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