The nonchalance with which Apple assumes that because it is so cool , that whatever they make people will buy, was rocked this week with Google throwing their hand into the tablet wars with the nexus 7 announcement. Apple, kicking back on a recliner, was suddenly forced to spit the proverbial coffee out of its mouth , with a surprised “What ?”

Yes  Apple, Google are launching a tablet that costs far less than your dependency laden , crack -like habit forming device, and aimed specifically at books , movies, and TV.

You would have thought that the california fruit company would respond with, “Many have tried and failed, so who the hell cares !”. Yet, we heard this week rumours of a seven inch tablet due out for the Christmas holidays.

So is Apple worried?, for that matter is Amazon, or Microsoft? The argument, of course will be that Apple makes a product for the more discerning individual, who is more concerned about quality. That may be true, but at the same time why respond to to Google’s announcement with the kind of urgency more appropriate to a toilet break two hours after having eating a dodgy kebab.

For the first time since the beginning of the tablet wars, I am seriously considering purchasing one. Not the mighty iPad, no,  the the shiny happy Nexus 7., and the reason is cost. I refuse to spend the kind of money you would normally throw down for a laptop on a glass and aluminium rectangle so overblown , overrated and in fear of bathing in its own pool of narcissistic self importance.

I’ll go for the new kid on the block, who seems to represent the tablet for the masses and not the prize for the few.

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