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Geekout #39: Geek News Update

The world of Geek News welcomed some important revelations this week involving the title of the first episode of “the walking dead’s” 4th season. Christian

July 06, 2013 Geekout Podcast, Latest News

Geek News Update

A lot has happened in the week we had off. Matt Smith has announced his departure from Dr Who, After Earth has been released,  and

June 08, 2013 Geekout Podcast, Latest News

Star Wars vs Star Trek

And so JJ Abrams has finally got “Star Trek Into Darkness” out of the gate, and no doubt many overweight forty something’s, who attend conventions

Pacific Rim Gets Ready

The trailer for “Pacific Rim” has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Michael Bay does not know how to make giant robot movies.

Geek News Update

The new “Star Trek: Into Darkness” trailer headlines the geek news of the week, as it appears that the villain has something against a future London. As

March 23, 2013 Geekout Podcast, Latest News

All New Game of Thrones

George RR Martin’s “Game of Thrones” books, attempts to put a gritty , Caligula meets Dallas approach to the fantasy genre. Filled with a mosaic

March 02, 2013 Geekout Podcast, Latest News
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