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 So Apple has been effectively slapped in its nonchalant, overbearing face regarding the myth that viruses are the exclusive domain of the Windows operating system. How depressingly stupid they looked this week when they were forced to issue a fix for the flashback virus that has affect Macs worldwide.Added to all of this and according to those who know, this is the biggest exploit to face everyone’s favourite fruit tech company, none too surprising as the Mac’s market share has increased over recent years.

This brings us to the giant elephant, or Apple, in the room; “Will Apple learn from this?” or will it continue to its smug turtleneck sweater wearing debasement of the Microsoft Corporation. Will it be the bigger man and say, you know what? we get viruses too!

I suspect that the answer is no! Much like an indecipherable political ideology, Apple will continue to be dismissive of any challenge to its belief that their products are for the discerning individuals who subscribe to the Steve Jobs reality distortion field. That inside their impenetrable bubble exists a world of rainbows, unicorns and fully functional Apple products.

Make no doubt about it, Apple’s products are beautiful, and quite functional, but when you tell people that the reason why a phone does not work properly is because you’re holding it wrong ! then I think you may have lost the plot.

Flashback may prove to be the one thing that reminds Apple that it is fallible.

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