play audio The Walking Dead Finale

If you watched “The Walking Dead” last week I sure you’ll agree that it was awesome. Well the series comes to an end in the UK on Friday with a finale that I am sure will be just great. Always remember that anyone could die!

I would not have expected the likes of Michael Bay to have an interest in turning a kids cartoon into a live action movie, but then again he made “Transformers”. Well the Bayster has gone one better with the TNMT reboot scheduled for release next Christmas. Cowabunga !

I am leading a campaign to bring back Blakes 7 . However in the meantime I am intrigued by the fact that there will be a new audio series produced featuring everyone’s favourite vixen Servalan.

One of the few good things coming from Lucasfilm recently has been the warmly received Clone Wars cartoon series. In the season finale you can expect the emergence of Darth Maul.

And finally folks, there is still hope for Terra Nova, the  Dinosaur TV show canned by Fox. Netflix have presented themselves possible backers of the show. Lets hope that everything pans out!

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