Without a doubt there is a legion of gamers out there who, simultaneously sighed with relief, and spontaneously exploded in anger following the release of Diablo 3.

We waited a tortuous twelve years for this game, endured the rise of MMORPG’s, spear headed by “World of Warcraft”. We saw the emergence of Social media with the likes of Facebook, and MySpace, and consequently witnessed the decline of civilization into a bunch of overweight, over bearing, self-centred , litigious individuals who would rather stick their nose in the luminescence of a laptop screen , than actually talk to the person next to them.

Why oh why did Blizzard torture us so? Do you remember the first, tantalizing screenshots, way back in 2009, with the statement that it would not be released until it was ready.

So like good little children, we waited, and waited. They did spend the time perfecting, what hopefully would turn out to be , in my estimation,  a fantastic product.

So, on game day we got what can only be described as “Server Gate” . The mad dash of those who waited up beyond midnight, to download and install the game. One would expect that Blizzard knew what was coming and I’m sure they did. It was cold comfort, however, to some of us who on release day could not play the game.

For all its problems, Diablo 3 will be, for now, will be the game of the moment, to which I say enjoy it while it lasts, because it never does !


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