Lara Croft has represented the great and the good in gaming for well over ten years. Many a young boy has delighted in listening to her sultry voice, and watching her pneumatic breasts as she jumped crawled, and round house kicked her way out of trouble. We are used to this confident, sexy vixen. We want Lara to be our electronic dominatrix, but we also want to see her win the day.

The Tomb raider reboot has, in some ways, turned this concept on its head. The objective of this new game is essentially about  helping her survive each desperate situation. Lara is bloody, dirty, and vulnerable. Crystal dynamics studio head is quoted as saying; 

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Part of Lara being a “very different” character comes with the fact that she’s young, female and constantly under threat. We know that the game’s younger edition of Lara will be subject to beatings, kidnappings, being bound by rope and become the victim of an attempted rape.[/quote]

 This has me concerned as I wonder if gamers are going to like this new approach. Though I am sure that our ponytailed heroine will save the day it will be done as a desperate character, and not necessarily as the confident woman we ‘ve come to know and love.

I expect that the tomb raider reboot will be a success no matter what we all actually think, though we are a little disappointed in that fact that there won’t be pistols and hot pants.


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